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Exhibition: Essences of Taitung, Organized by Taitung County Government and Tainan City Government

The exhibition- Essences of Taitung, organized by Taitung Couty Government and Tainan City Government, is available at Shinyin Culture Center (23 Zhongzheng Rd. Shinyin, Tainan) during Feb. 20th and Mar. 24, 2013.
Contents of the present exhibition include: 2012 Taitung Beauty Exhibition, 2012 Austronesian International Arts Award, Taitung Indigenous Costume Exhibition, 2012 Austronesian Cultural Arts Festival, Lanyu Canoe and so on.
The opening ceremony will be hold in Shinyin Culture Center on Feb. 23rd, Saturday, 10:00, followed with the Austronesian International Arts Award during April 19th and May 7th. See the press release below for more details.