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Senior interns, let’s learn from the masters out there!

Senior interns, let’s learn from the masters out there!
The LOHAS Project for Senior Taipei Indigenous Residents
Rehearsal for Double Tenth Day Performance of Arts and Culture
  Marking the 10th anniversary, the LOHAS project for senior Taipei indigenous residents is a program designed for such residents to acquire cultural techniques and technology via a range of fun activities and classes. They serve as cultural ambassadors who teach and promote indigenous culture in academic institutions and other organizations while trying to breathe new life into their retirement.
  This year’s project is marked by enormous breakthrough, incorporating workshops in which the participants learn as they go beyond classrooms and textbooks, e.g. performances by famous indigenous dance groups. On October 10, they were privileged to work with Amu Bwiy Puing Culture Arts Group in one of the Double Tenth performances. They took part in preparation, practiced over and over, engaged in music control, coordinated with music and dance groups, and did the final rehearsal. Having leanrt from the masters in different fields, the senior participants managed to acquire what it takes to be on a stage and all the cultural savvy to perform successful choreography.
  Aimed at improving skills of the participants, the workshop of learning from the “masters” involves participation and internship, allowing the senior participants to learn from practical engagement and sessions featuring lecturers and experts from various fields. As a result, they acquire the expertise of service and other techniques. With the profound learning effectiveness and engagement, the senior residents are able to improve their physical and mental health while giving to the society and learning autonomously in a service-oriented cultural setting.
  The program for the year of 2021 is intended for participation and companionship in hopes of creating an ambience that is characterized by reciprocity and mutual growth. Due to the COVID pandemic, some of the classes have been conducted virtually in conjunction with physical ones.   The senior participants have been able to help each other and exchange resources, holding onto the sense of unity and relationship attachments.
  Bakan Pawan, chairperson of the Taipei Indigenous Peoples’ Council (IPC), said she looks forward to multiple channels through which indigenous culture and knowledge can be infused in the lives of Taipei citizens and promoted extensively by senior indigenous residents, who are the most powerful cultural ambassadors.