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A Joint Presentation by the 2021 Taipei Indigenous Senior Service Center & the Beitou City of Health

Be delighted by original painting works by senior indigenous citizens and learn how their lives have been fabulously enriched
  Glamorously dressed in skirt, a group of senior citizens aged at least 65 show their energetic, original moves on stage, winning standing ovation. This will take place at the presentation held by the Taipei Indigenous Senior Service Center on the 11th of December at National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences. There will be senior people performing aerobic exercise, along with demonstration of products painted by them. An array of booths featuring our partners will be arranged.
  According to Bakan Pawan, chairperson of the Taipei Indigenous Peoples’ Council, the Senior Service Center provides day care and activities for senior indigenous citizens. Despite temporary shutdown as a result of the COVID pandemic, we continue to care for them via, for example, telephone interviews and delivery of supplies as the pandemic eases. We also coach them how to use webcam communication and virtually lead them to engage in sports, drawing, table games, and foot massage. It does take time for them to adjust to and get used to technology, but they end up proactively participating in these virtual sessions and benefiting from them by developing a huge sense of achievement.  
  One of the most conspicuous highlights of this event is centered upon the drawing works completed by the senior learners in their courses. These unique works are painted by them and are converted into daily supplies, e.g. door curtains, cups, bags, table placemats, clothes, eye covers. These painters are extremely satisfied with their works and proudly take photos with them. Many of them have not got any chance of learning how to paint before coming here, but now they are proud of their works like designers. With these pieces of objects of visual design at home, the senior citizens feel like living a classier life. “Even the water tastes better in my own designer cup,” said one of the senior participants.
  As the pandemic trends down and places begin to open up, it has come to our attention that many senior citizens have suffered from health issues due imbalanced physical and mental problems due to stay-at-home orders. With deep concerns for their health, an all-in-one comprehensive project on health, senior friendliness and safe community has been launched jointly by Beitou Health Center, Beitou District Office, and the Association for Facilitating Health and Safety in Beitou Communities, featuring the lecturers from National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences. The event will include an array of courses on a variety of fields, such as exercises for senior people, mental health, healthy diet, oral hygiene, jogging, which are available in both in-person or virtual sessions for senior participants in 4 different locations. They are able to have convenient access to different health services to prevent and delay disabilities. 
  The Taipei Indigenous Senior Service Center has been funded by the revenues from the Taipei Lottery Company. It has four different locations: Taipei Indigenous Hall in Nangang District, Ketagalan Culture Center in Beitou District, Naruwan Creative Arts Center in Wanhua District and Xinglong Community Center in Wanshan District. These locations have a series of courses available as well as group activities, get-togethers, telephonic interviews, and visits to residences. With the company of others from similar cultural backgrounds, these senior citizens no longer feel lonely and helpless when fitting in urban settings. They will also be able to delay aging and facilitate their health in their lives beyond retirement. Every indigenous resident aged 55 or older residing in Taipei is eligible to sign up for our program. Visit https://reurl.cc/Z7r9eg for more information.
Hours of Operation:
Taipei Indigenous Hall
Monday through Thursday 9:30-15:30
Ketagalan Culture Center
Tuesday through Friday 9:30-15:30
Naruwan Creative Arts Center
Tuesday through Friday 9:30-15:30
Xinglong Community Center
Monday through Friday 9:00-14:00