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Indigenous Peoples’ Day Taipei City Preferential Activity Starting on August 1, 2019 Welcomes the Indigenous People to Join Us

    August 1 is Indigenous Peoples’ Day in memory of the name rectification process of the indigenous peoples. Besides making society respect and recognize the value and meaning of the Taiwanese indigenous peoples on the land of Taiwan, we also hope to increase the ethnic identity of the tribal people and do our best to preserve and pass down the indigenous culture.
    To show the attention and recognition to multi-ethnic groups and remember the fifteenth year of the name rectification of the indigenous peoples, besides extending the preferential activity at the municipal venues on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, this year it’s the first time for Taipei City Government to invite Taipei Double-Decker Sightseeing Bus and the stores of many shopping districts to respond to Indigenous People’s Day on August 1. The four-day preferential activity from August 1 to August 4 will invite the indigenous peoples all over Taiwan to ramble around Taipei City with their friends and discover the beauty of the city together.
    The Council specially prepares to give out the indigenous gifts. Those who make consumptions at the collaborative shopping districts during the activity, check in on social media (such as Facebook and Instagram) with the store names, and add the hashtag of “#August 1 Indigenous People’s Day, I am in Taipei City” will get one beautiful gift. The indigenous gifts for each day are of limited quantity. Come early and have fun!