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Taipei City “2019 First-Term Indigenous Peoples Holiday Childcare Course” starts!

  To provide the indigenous preschool children from 3 to 6 years old in Taipei City with the mixed-age childcare course of diverse learning with the indigenous cultural characteristic and heritage, assist the indigenous preschool children in the urban area in upgrading their tribal language culture, ethnic identity, and the development of multiple intelligences, and offer the opportunities of human interaction and language learning to them, Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei CityGovernment, conducts “Indigenous Peoples Holiday Childcare Course.”
Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei CityGovernment, has deeply integrated the tribal life and cultural consciousness in the course content, comparing the humanistic and life style in the four traditional tribes of the Amis, the Bunun, the Paiwan, and the Atayal with the life perspectives of “food,”“clothing,”“shelter,”“transportation,”“education,” and “recreation” in the modern tribes to conduct the interactive learning. To make the course content more plentiful and interesting and create the cultural atmosphere, the course this year specially features the “cultural course” and “tribal language course” of the four groups and extends the teaching with the different topics every week so that the preschool children will have the chance to immerse themselves in the real life situation using the tribal languages. Through the cultural course, they will also be able to get close to the tribes and feel the tribes.
The course for this term will be given from 8AM to 5PM, every Saturday, from June 1 to July 20, 2019, at Conny Topschool (Address: No. 18, Aly. 93, Ln. 189, Sec. 3, Kangning Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan, near MRT Huzhou Station). Four classes will be recruited this time. Besides the indigenous preschool children from 3 to 6 years old, each class will be open to at most four non-indigenous preschool children to promote the indigenous culture to the non-indigenous families. The registration is open from today to May 26, 2019. Welcome the families with the qualified preschool children to register. Those who complete the check-in procedure on the start day of school will be given the special gift!
For more information, please call Ms. Chen at 02-2579-4498 or 0980880747.