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Additional incentives for certified indigenous language speakers, including non-indigenous ethnicities and indigenous-language-speaking families Applications are accepted beginning April 1, 2022

Incentives for indigenous language certifications have been expanded by the Taipei Indigenous Peoples Council (“IPC”) to promote passage of such languages and train people specialized in teaching them. From 2022 onward, non-indigenous citizens and indigenous-language-speaking families will be eligible to apply for such incentives to be further extended, which award NT$30,000 for excellent speakers, NT$20,000 for advanced speakers, and NT$10,000 for higher-intermediate ones.
Since the promulgation of the Indigenous Languages Development Act and the Development of National Languages Act, policies promoting indigenous languages have been closely connected to everyday life of these peoples, said the Taipei IPC. Given the new curriculum incorporating indigenous languages will be introduced in the 2022 academic year, such courses will be offered through high school from elementary education, leading to the dire need of teachers specializing in such languages. On top of that, there is a wide array of diverse ethnicities in the city of Taipei with no specific indigenous villages, contributing to difficulty of using and spreading the languages. Factoring in these situations, the city has decided to expand its incentives to non-indigenous citizens in order to promote the use of the languages and reciprocity of cultural respect and knowledge as well as advocate multicultural coexistence. 
While it is crucial to forge an environment for family-based language learning, indigenous-language-speaking families have also been included in the incentivization realm. If two family members pass the language certification, the family will be entitled to NT$6,000. If more than 2 are certified, the family will be entitled to extra NT$3,000 as incentive with an extra certified member. Maximum NT$15,000 will be granted per family.
All citizens residing in Taipei for more than 4 months are welcome to apply from April 1 to July 31 of the year when the certification test results are announced using the online portal at https://service.gov.taipei. Search for indigenous language certification incentives in Taipei and fill out your application with supporting documents.