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Indigenous Culture Center Becomes Palace of Beautiful Voices Indigenous Singers Conquer Taipei City with Heavenly Voices

    Whether it is the chanting of the old ballads lingering in the woods and resonating with the earth, the sincere prayers made by the tribal people hand in hand at the New Year tribal ceremonial rite, or even the most competent singers in today’s pop music circle, the multi-ethnic groups living on the land of Taiwan, wherever they come from, share the same opinion that the most beautiful voices on this island come from the indigenous peoples.
    The indigenous peoples of Taiwan have the voices full of the beautiful primitive power and with the both thick and resounding characteristic. They even enchanted all ears in the world at the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games. The main melody of the theme song, “Return to Innocence,” comes from “Elders Drinking Song,” sung by the late national treasure and chanting master, the Amis grandfather KUO, YING-NAN. The song has made Taiwan seen by the world. Afterwards, Mr. KUO filed an international lawsuit to defend the intellectual property right, which also reminds the people in Taiwan how important it is to protect the indigenous cultural assets without delay.
    People are the core of culture. It takes good chances and good stages for the good talents to shine. Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government, specially plans to provide the tribal people with a space to gather strength and shine. On July 27, a refreshing “Indigenous Singing Competition” will take place at Water Stage, Indigenous Culture Center. We welcome the indigenous singing lovers all over Taiwan to join us. Let’s make Indigenous Culture Center a palace of beautiful voices as the heavenly voices of the participants conquer the heat of summer and Taipei City.
    “Indigenous Singing Competition” has the youth group (under 18) and the adult group (above 18). The final prize of both the youth group and the adult group is NT$10,000 for the first place, NT$ 5,000 for the second place, and NT$3,000 for the third place. Besides, the audience on the scene will vote for the two best popularity awards for both groups. The organizer will give them the certificate of merit and the prize of NT$1,000. The winning indigenous participants will be invited by Indigenous Peoples Commission to perform at Water Stage, Indigenous Culture Center, on weekends and holidays. We will also actively do the matchmaking between the singers and the senior producers in the music industry so that more indigenous good voices can be found and they can stand on the broader stage.
    Besides the singing competition worth expectation, there will be the indigenous market near Indigenous Culture Center on July 27. The mouthwatering tribal delicacies, healthy agricultural products, delicate handicrafts, and the cultural and creative products of practical design can all be found. Come to find your treasure! At 11 a.m. that day, there will be the ten-dollar indigenous delicacy sale of “Makauy sausage” (only 100 servings). Welcome to come early and have fun. Let’s cheer for the participants on the scene with friends!
Time: 10:30 -17:00, July 27, 2019 (Saturday)
Place: Water Stage, Indigenous Culture Center
(No. 151, Sec. 3, Zhongshan N. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan)
Ten-dollar Indigenous Delicacy Sale: The number cards will be given at 10:40 a.m., July 27, 2019. The sale will start at 11 a.m. (Only 100 servings provided.)