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Everyone is cordially welcome to witness the 7th Spelling Bee Contest of Indigenous Languages in Taipei

The 7th Taipei Spelling Bee of Indigenous Languages is scheduled to take place on May 8, 2021 at 9 AM at Bo-ai Campus of University of Taipei. Aimed at promoting and reviving indigenous languages, such contest requires contestants to familiarize with vocabulary and memorize them in order to strengthen their abilities in listening, speaking, reading and writing, promoting connections between citizens and these languages to facilitate learning and continuity of them.
The contest is divided to two levels: elementary school and junior high school. Unlike other cities in Taiwan, where indigenous villages can be found, Taipei lacks such community for indigenous peoples. Given such, the Taipei Indigenous Peoples Commission (“IPC”) incentivizes local contestants with lucrative bonuses: NT$30,000 for champions, NT$20,000 for runner-ups and NT$10,000 for third-place winners, hoping that they will be more motivated and achieve desired results. 
We have 8 teams representing the Amis, the Paiwans, the Atayals and many others, who will be competing for the honors at the two designated levels. Two winning teams will get to participate in the National Finals representing Taipei City from June 11 to 12 this year. Please look out for exciting events, to which everyone including the press is cordially invited.
    namapuzangal amen tua nu pazazekatj
(Paiwanese language for You are cordially welcome to participate!)