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Grand opening of the Indigenous Mart at Songshan Cultural Park Everyone is invited!

  Since its inception in 2018, the Taipei Indigenous Weekend Bazaar has been organized by the Taipei Indigenous Peoples Council (“IPC”) for 4 years to advocate and promote their peculiar industries. This year, the outdoor bazaar will be moved indoors, leading to the birth of a mart dedicated to indigenous peculiar themes and products, which is expected to inspire transformation of industries. The mart is where the key industries of indigenous townships merge and where major travel routes converge. Thanks to all the endowments in the city of Taipei, the mart, located at Songshan Cultural Park and positioned to be a window through which indigenous culture can be seen, will be expected to kindle the passion of tourists worldwide for trips to indigenous towns. With unique decorations and atmosphere in the Park, the mart will be home to a wide range of indigenous specialties and products and a 3-dimentional travel brochure, which demonstrates the glamor of major attractions. Visitors will also experience the beauty of indigenous culture.
  Local industries and village tours pertaining to 16 indigenous townships will be promoted this year, including agricultural specialties, artifacts bearing traditional craftsmanship and trips to villages. The mart will be a mix of shop and factory, both of which are aimed at promoting their peculiar industries. Exhibits will be organized beginning the 2nd of April showing different villages in 2-month intervals. Visitors are expected to peak at 6,000, while revenue is expected to reach NT 3 million.
The Grand Opening is expected to take place from 1 to 5 pm on April 2, 2022. The event will be joined by major superiors heading indigenous organizations. Given the public holiday, an influx of crowds may be expected, and hence the income, which will increase the confidence of indigenous people in industry transformation and economic development.
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