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Annual study course for 2020 will start soon ~ Silver-haired generation learn happily as retirees participate in a new innovative LOHAS model!

  Sponsored by the Indigenous Peoples Commission of Taipei City Government, LOHAS for the Silver-haired Generation, from the Center for Indigenous Family Services (hereinafter referred to as "CIFS”), has been established to allow aboriginal elders to face their aging process with a healthy and positive attitude, as well as to plan their later life with dignity, vitality, and independence. With regard to the LOHAS Project for the Silver-haired Generation, 2020 will mark its ninth year. For the past eight years, the project has trained nearly 40 aboriginal elders with an average age of about 60 to become cultural volunteers in Taipei City, and this group of energetic silver-haired volunteers has respectively visited elementary schools, district centers, and parent-child centers to promote indigenous culture. To improve the service skills of these volunteer grandparents, 90-120 hours of training courses are provided every year. Furthermore, Bakan Pawan, the chairperson of the Indigenous Peoples Commission of Taipei City Government, has noted that this project has placed a particular focus on the social participation and networking of indigenous elders, so that they can continue to improve through learning and public service to enhance their self-worth and meet their needs. As such, the LOHAS Project for the Silver-haired Generation has become a benchmark and role model for silver-haired generation policies nationwide. Consequently, indigenous elders in our aging society can once again help contribute to society.
  “CIFS " is a group of female volunteers who pay attention to the needs of Aboriginal families in Taipei and provide appropriate services. Chairperson Bakan Pawan has explained: “The original home center entered the community to provide handicrafts and ethnic language teaching, etc., and entered the long-term photo agency to accompany the aboriginal elders who were placed in the organization. For many years, the original home center has become the closest partner for many indigenous families in Taipei.”
  This year's study course is specifically designed to meet the needs of students. Six major courses are being offered, including indigenous culture and traditional knowledge, health promotion, knowledge and basic applications, overview of social trends that promote dialogue between the elderly and society, and the use of communication technology. With 120 total hours of practical and cultural experience practical courses, students can choose courses according to their own interests. Grandpa Zheng, who participated in the training course, said that he also met many good friends when he took classes with his wife. After completing the class, he knew more about what was popular with young people and talked more with his grandson.
  Chairperson Bakan Pawan would like to warmly invite more retired aboriginal elders and women to join Lovin’ Life and CIFS as they jointly take part in social services and become members of the senior volunteer group. They could thus help re-create social productivity based on indigenous culture.
  Registration Hotline: 02-27208889 /1999, extension 2018, and contact the person in charge is Ms. Chang, Mei-Hua.