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Rooftop Farm open to citizens with guided tours

  The Taipei Indigenous Peoples Council (“IPC”) has been attempting to encourage visitors to frequent the Rooftop Farm at the Northern Indigenous Community Center (“NICC”) to promote its garden city policy, providing guided visits and tours. Such services, which are set to be launched in June, will be adjusted accordingly based on implementation. 
  Located at 49 Xiangyang Road, Nangang, Taipei, the NICC has been housing the Rooftop Farm since 2020, where species such as turmeric, taro, buckwheat, wild amaranth, Solanum nigrum, ailanthus-like prickly ash, barley, cudweed, gấc are grown by members taking part in our senior programs. As the farm with indigenous characterization has become full-fledged in terms of capacity, it has been decided that it will now be open to the general public following installation of the identification system.
  During the soft opening period from April 25 to May 20, access will be restricted to 10 AM to 12 PM every Monday and Thursday. Groups of 20 or greater may contact in advance to book a guided group tour. Official grand opening is expected to take place in June after collecting feedback from visitors and fine-tuning of services and hardware. Visitors will have the option of joining the senior members in learning the farming techniques such as weeding, seeding, fertilizing and harvesting from our professional advisors, who will show you what it feels like to be a farmer.
  The IPC chairperson Bakan Pawan said that traditional indigenous crops are an integral part of their diet culture. In an urban setting without indigenous villages like Taipei, the IPC has been facilitating engagement of indigenous citizens in Taipei in traditional villages to project their culture back to the urban setting. This grand opening will serve to promote green idea of garden city carried by the Rooftop Farm.  
Contact Mr. Chen for reservation of guided group tours of 20 or more at least a week prior to visit day at aa-40384@mail.taipei.gov.tw.