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namenisarayimo! “The Fifth Taipei City Indigenous Languages Vocabulary Competition” Welcomes Media Interviews

  To revitalize the promotion of the indigenous languages, Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government, will host “The Fifth Taipei City Indigenous Languages Vocabulary Competition” at Wenhu Elementary School, Neihu District, at 9 AM on April 27, 2019 (Sat.). It is hoped that by learning the vocabulary of the indigenous languages, the participants can “know” and “familiarize themselves with” the vocabulary in the tribal languages through the competition and naturally strengthen the listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities of the tribal languages. At the same time, the public will have more familiarity with the indigenous tribal languages, and the goal of language learning and inheritance will be achieved.
Besides, to propagandize this year’s tribal topic of our city, the Yami (Tao), the decoration of the event site features the elements of the Yami (Tao), and the event title in the Yami (Tao), “naikalimakawan no da pinenenetan so ciriciring do Tayhok,” is also presented so that people will feel the cultural atmosphere of the ocean tribe when taking part in the competition.
This year, the competition includes the fourteen teams from the Amis, the Paiwan, the Atayal, the Bunun, and the Taroko. They will compete for the awards given to the elementary groups and the junior high school group. Also, the first two winners of each group will represent Taipei City to join in the national competition on June 8 and 9 this year. The competition is exciting and impressive. We sincerely welcome the media interviews and every guest’s visit. namenisarayimo! (The Yami: Welcome!)