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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Summer Creative Art Classes of the Aboriginal Children and Teenager Care Service Programs of Year 2013 Now Begin!2013-06-03
2Welcome to Register for Praising Events of Organizations and Personnel Active for Sports in September 9th Sports Festival Held by Taipei City Government2013-06-03
3List of Winning Teams in National Finals of “Groove for Health, Grandpa and Grandma” Hosted by the Department of Health, Executive Yuan, Now Released!2013-06-03
4Exhibition: Essences of Taitung, Organized by Taitung County Government and Tainan City Government2013-02-23
52013 National Defense Education- Opening Schedule of Military Camp2013-02-06
62012~2013 Hsinchu City International Glass Art Festival2013-01-29
7Welcome to Register: 2013 New Year Party- Indigenous Booth2012-12-25
8Household Registration Service for Online Registers, Offered by Ministry of Interior2012-12-12
9Welcome to Participate: 2012 Taipei City 4th Indigenous Language Drama Competition2012-11-30
10Booth Recruitment: 12/15~16 “2012 Christmas Carnival” 2012-11-28
11Double Ninth Festival- Reunion at Nursing Home2012-10-18
12Series of 2012 New Taipei City Indigenous Culture Activities2012-09-19
13Welcome to Join: National Indigenous Music and Dance Troupe Forum, Organized by Culture Park of Council of Indigenous Peoples, Executive Yuan2012-09-19
14Promote Hakka Youth Back to Hometown and Begin Enterprises Allowance Essentials”, Announced by Hakka Affairs Council2012-09-19
15Welcome to the Water Construction Portfolio Expo.2012-09-19