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1.To promote indigenous health in abide with Taipei City Indigenous Sanitation and Medical Self-government Rules, Taipei City Government has hereby announced the essential points.
2.The authority is the Commission.
3.Target audience is indigenous citizens who have lived in Taipei City for six months at least and have mental or physical illness.
4.According to Clause 8, the Commission shall afford the charge that medical insurance does not cover and partly cover. However, individuals who need to stay in a isolation ward will not be restricted. Maximum NT30,000 per person per year.
5.Documents required:
 ◆ Application form.
 ◆ Medical receipt within six months.
 ◆ Diagnosis in detail.
 ◆ Photocopy of bank account book.
6.The allowance will be tracked back or will not be made if the applicant:
 ◆ Offer false information.
 ◆ Hide or refuse to offer the information that the Commission requires.’
 ◆ Apply for the allowance through cheating or inappropriate means.
7.The present budget is sponsored by the Commission.
8.The medical allowance will take effect on the date of announcement.
Nine types of illness listed on Taipei City Indigenous Medical Support Essential Points:
E800-E949 Injury in accident
E800-E807 Railway accident
E801 Railway accident- other crash
E802 Railway accident- derailment without crash
E803 Railway accident- explosion, fire accident or inflammation
E804 Fall from the train
E805 Hit by the train
E806 Other obvious railway accident
E807 Unobvious railway accident
E810-E819 Mobile accident
E810 Mobile accident- train crash
E811 Mobile accident- hit by another vehicle while entering
E812 Mobile accident- other crash
E813 Mobile accident- hit by other vehicles
E814 Mobile accident- hit passengers
E815 Mobile accident- on highway
E816 Mobile accident- while losing power, those occurred on highway are not referred to
E817 Mobile accident- while getting on or off the vehicle, not related to the crash E818 Mobile accident- others not related to the crash
E819 Unobvious mobile accident
E820-E825 Non-traffic mobile accident
E820 Non-traffic mobile accident in a snowing area
E821 Non-traffic mobile accident in other roads
E822 Non-traffic mobile accident with moving subjects
E823 Non-traffic mobile accident with still subjects
E824 Other mobile accident- while getting on or off the vehicle, not related to the crash
E825 Other unobvious car accident
E826-829 Other road accident
E826 Bicycle accident
E827 Car accident- towed by animals
E828 animal accident
E829 Other road accident
E830-E838 Sea and land transportation accident
E830 Shipwreck accident
E831 Shipwreck accident that causes other injury
E832 Other sea and land transportation accident causing shipwreck or drown
E833 Sea and land transportation accident- fall on the stairs
E834 Sea and land transportation accident- fall from one floor to another floor
E835 Sea and land transportation accident- other and unobvious fall
E836 Sea and land transportation accident- Engineering accident
E837 Explosion, fire or inflammation
E838 Other unobvious sea and land transportation accidents
E840-E845 Aviation and space transportation accident
E840 Taking off or landing
E841 Other unobvious power flight vehicle accident
E842 Non-power flight vehicle accident
E843 Accident while getting on or off the flight vehicle
E844 Other obvious air accident
E845 Air space accident
E846-E848 Other types of car accident
E846 Power vehicle accident for industrial or commercial use only
E847 Cable car accident or run without tracks
E848 Other types of car accident
E850-E858 Poisoning via drug, medicine and biomedicine
E850 Poisoning via analgesic, antifebrile, phenytoin
E851 Poisoning via secobarbital
E852 Poisoning via other analgesic and sleeping pills
E853 Poisoning via valium
E854 Poisoning via other spiritual transforming medicine
E855 Poisoning via medicine affects on central or autonomic nervous system
E856 Poisoning viaantibiotics
E857 Poisoning via anti-influence medicine
E858 Poisoning via other medicine
E860-869 Poisoning via other solid or liquid substance, gas or steam
E860 Alcoholism and others
E861 Poisoning via detergents, polish, antiseptic, or paint
E862 Poisoning via petroleum products, other solution, and gas
E863 Poisoning via gardening chemicals, fertilizer excepted
E864 Poisoning via a corrodent
E865 Poisoning via poison plants
E867 Gas poison
E868 Other gas or carbon monoxide poison accident
E869 Other gas or steam poison
E870-876 Poison accident under surgical or medical treatment
E870 Accidental cutting, puncturing, or bleeding during medical treatment
E871 Foreign object left in the body during medical treatment
E872 Inappropriate antiseptic prevention during medical treatment
E873 Inappropriate dose
E874 Instrument or mechanical breakdown during medical treatment
E875 Poison accident via blood, other liquid, medicine or biological substance
E876 Other unobvious accident during treatment
E878-E879 Surgical or medical treatment procedure causing patient’s unusual reaction or complication, accident during treatment is not referred to
E878 Surgical or medical treatment procedure causing patient’s unusual reaction or complication, accident during treatment is not referred to
E879 Other procedure causing patient’s unusual reaction or complication
E880-E888 Unexpected fall
E880 Fall on the stairs
E881 Fall on the stairs or scaffold
E882 Fall from the house or other building
E883 Fall into cave or other holes
E884 Fall from one height to another
E885 Slip, fall or stumble at the same level
E886 Hit, push by others at the same level
E887 Fracture
E888 Other fall or drop
E890-E899 Fire or inflammation accident
E890 Fire accident on private house
E891 Fire accident on other unclear house or building
E892 Fire accident on house or building
E893 Fire accident caused by clothes
E894 Fire accident caused by highly inflammables
E895 Accident caused by fire on private house that’s been under control
E896 Accident caused by fire on other house that’s been under control
E897 Accident caused by fire on houses or buildings that’s been under control
E898 Accident caused by other fire accident
E899 Accident caused by other unclear fire accident
E900-E909 Accident caused by natural and environmental factors
E900 Extreme heat
E901 Extreme freeze
E902 Change of high and low atmospheric pressure
E903 Travel and exercise
E904 Hunger, thirsty, explosion, negligence
E905 Poisoning via poison animal or plant
E906 Injury caused by animals
E907 Lightning strike
E908 Change caused by a storm and flood
E909 Change caused by diastrophism and volcanic eruption
E910-915 Drown and suffocation
E910 Drown or be drowned
E911 Respiratory obstruction or suffocation because of food breathed in or taken in
E912 Respiratory obstruction or suffocation because of other objects breathed in or taken in
E913 Mechanical asphyxia
E914 Foreign object enter eyes and appendage
E915 Foreign object enter other holes
E916-E928 Other accidents
E916 Accidently hit by falling objects
E917 Accidently hit by objects or people
E918 Accidently swept along or pressed from objects
E919 Accidents caused by machinery
E920 Accidents caused by cutting tools or objects
E921 Accidents caused by pressure vessel
E922 Accidents caused by firearms and bomb splinter
E923 Accidents caused by explosives
E924 Accidents caused by objects with extreme heat, corrosiveness and steam
E925 Accidents caused by electric current
E926 Be exposed under radioactive rays
E927 Excessive and hard exercise
E928 Other environmental and accidental factors
E929-E929 Accident influence at later stage
E929 Accident influence at later stage
E930-E949 Negative influence brought by medication, medicine and organic substance
E930 Antibiotics
E931 Other
E932 Hormone and replacement
E933 Systemic medication
E934 Medication effecting blood element
E935 Analgesic, aminopyrine and anti-rheumatics
E936 Anti-cramp and Parkinson’s disease medication
E937 Analgesic and somnifacient
E938 Central nervous system inhibitor
E939 Embrocation
E940 Central nervous system stimulant
E941 Medicine for effecting autonomic nervous system
E942 Medicine for effecting heart vascular system
E943 Medicine for effecting stomach system 
E944 Metabolic agents
E945 Medicine for the smooth muscle, skeletal muscle, and respiratory system
E946 Medicine for the skin, mucous membrane, eyes, tympanum and tooth
E947 Other drugs and medicine
E948 Bacterial vaccine
E949 Other vaccine
571-572 Chronic liver trouble and cirrhosis
571 Chronic liver trouble and cirrhosis
571A Chronic hepatitis
572 Chronic hepatitis sequela
430-438 Vascular disease
430 Subarachnoid hemorrhage
431 Intracerebral hemorrhage
432 Subdural hemorrhage
433 Cerebral artery occlusion and narrow
434 Cerebral artery occlusion
435 Transient ischemic attack
436 Acute vascular disease
437-0 Cerebrovascular atherosclerosis
437-1 Other vascular disease
437-2 Hypertensive encephalopathy
437-3 Cerebral aneurysm
437-4 Cell arteritis
437-5 Moyamoya disease
437-8 Others
437-9 Other unobvious
438 Effects of cerebrovascular disease at later stage
010-018 Tuberculosis
010- Primary tuberculosis
012- Other respiratory tuberculosis
013- Tuberculosis on meanings and central nervous system
014- Tuberculosis on intestines, peritoneum and mesentery lymph gland
015- Tuberculosis on bone and joints
016- Tuberculosis on reproductive system
017- Tuberculosis on other organs
018- Progressive primary tuberculosis
490-493 Bronchitis, emphysema and asthma
490 Bronchitis and other acute or chronic ones
491 Chronic bronchitis
492 Emphysema
493 Asthma
401-405 Hypertension disease
401 Spontaneous hypertension
402 Hypertensive heart disease
403 Hypertensive renal disease
404 Hypertensive heart and renal disease
405 Secondary hypertension
761-779 Periodic illness
761 Fetus or newborn baby effected by complication during pregnancy
762 Placenta, umbilical cord and pile
764 Embryo grows slowly and malnutrition
765 Illness related to premature delivery and other unobvious insufficient birth weight
766 Illness related to over mature delivery and other unobvious overweight
767 Birth injury
768 In womb anoxia or asphyxia during birth giving
769 Respiratory distress syndrome
770 Other respiratory illness of foetus and newborn baby
770,0 Congenital pneumonia
770.1 Massive imbedibility syndrome
770.2 Emphysema and other similar illness
770.3 Goodpastures syndrome
770.5 Other atelectasis
770.6 Temporary acute breath of newborn baby
770.7 Chronic pulmonary disease
770.8 Other breath problems
770.9 Unobvious
771 Special periodic infection
771,0 Measles
771.1 Cytomegalovirus CMV
771.2 Other infections
771.3 Tetanusof newborn baby
771.4 Subacute necrotizing funisitis
771.8 Other specific periodic infectious disease
771.A Hepatitis of newborn baby
772 Bleeding of foetus and newborn baby
773 HDN
774 Other periodic jaundice
775 Cryptorrhea and metabolic anomalies of foetus or newborn baby
776 Bloor disease of foetus or newborn baby
777 Periodic digestive system illness
778 Ill thermotaxis of foetus or newborn baby
779 Illness that is from childbirth and other illness that is not diagnosed clearly
740-759 Congenital malformation
740 Anencephalus and similar anomalies
741 Spina bifida
742 Other congenital anomalies of nervous system
742.2 Hydranencephaly
742.3 Congenital hydrocephalus
742.4 Congenital anomalies of brain
742.5 Congenital anomalies of spine
742.8 Congenital anomalies of nervous system
742.9 Unobvious congenital anomalies of brain, spine and nervous system
743 Congenital anomalies of eye
744 Congenital anomalies of ear, face and neck
745 Bulbus cordis anomalies and anomalies of cardiac septal closure
746 Other congenital anomalies of heart
747 Other congenital anomalies of circulatory system
748 Congenital anomalies of respiratory system
749 Cleft palate and cleft lip
750 Other congenital anomalies of upper digestive system
751 Other congenital anomalies of digestive system
752 Congenital anomalies of reproductive system
753 Congenital anomalies of urinary system
754 Congenital anomalies of muscle
755 Congenital anomalies of limbs
756 Other congenital anomalies and muscle skeleton malformation
757 Congenital anomalies integument
758 Chromosomal abnormality
759 Other congenital exceptional
531-533 Gastric and duodenal ulcer
530 Esophagus illness
531 Gastric
532 Duodenal ulcer
533 Peptic ulcer