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The duties of the Taipei City Government’s Indigenous Peoples Commission are to manage the indigenous affairs according to law, to plan guiding principles, to proceed affairs related to ensuring the rights and dealing with relationships between tribes, and to promote their economy, education, culture, welfare, civil rights and so on.
The commission consists of a chairperson, 16 to 22 members serving for free, 28 staffs of technicians, fellow workers, drivers, regular personnel. Internal operations include:

1.Planning Division: Establishing policy and direction for indigenous people, ensuring rights, research and policy-study, computer hardware, general affairs and so on.

2.Education and Culture Division: Preserving and promoting indigenous culture, education, language, arts and physical education, as well as other personnel trainings…etc.

3.Economical Constructions Division: Career training and counseling, loan for starting a business, promoting opportunities for cultural industry, transfer and register public marketplace, and other counseling services related to economical industry.

4.Social Welfare Division: Daily support and emergency help, medical treatment and health care, welfare of children and aged people, rights of women and teenagers, planning and implementing the housing policy and offering aid in their community.Indigenous people delegatesAccounting Office: Administer annual estimated budget, accounting and statistics.

Personnel Office: Administer personnel matters.
The chairperson is to be assigned by the mayor, oversees the commission affairs and staff. 16 to 22 commission members are serving for free and to be assigned by the mayor from:

One-third of the commission members shall be female delegates; and less than one-third of non-indigenous delegates. The former delegates mentioned serve 2-year term, and are able to be renewed once if appointed; any substitutedelegates shall serve until the turn of office ends. The commission consists of a secretary general, commission member, team leader, secretary, inspector, commissioner, social worker, team member, technical specialist, office workerand clerk. Qualified indigenous people have high priority to be hired. Accountant within the commission administers annual estimated budget, accounting and statistics.

Personnel manager, serves concurrently and appointed by the personnel department, administers personnel affairs according to law.