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Show the glamour of indigenous culture

  • Promote and develop traditional culture.
  • Build study channel of indigenous culture.
  • Design the overall image and manage the brand of culture center, create the uniqueness and vitality.
  • Through the combination of local tourism to promote traditional culture and art.
  • Promote the change in Aboriginal Community University and language nest, as well as the development in education, preserve their culture, language and skills.

Build indigenous culture and industry center

  • Help the development of traditional industry by means of the beauty of indigenous craft.
  • Establish a platform for indigenous industry exchange to promote their business competitiveness.
  • Promote the use of group mark of indigenous cultural industry in order to preserve their traditional skills and economy grow.
  • Strengthen the operation of culture and economy center and market, form digital market, help promoting opportunities in marketing and packing, and industrial strategic alliance.
  • Enhance the business management and promote creative culture industry in accordance with the industrial trend.

Create a new life for urban indigenous people

  • Establish a long-term supporting system, and solve urban indigenous problems in adapting to life.
  • Create new life culture for urban indigenous people in accordance with different cultural background and characters among tribes
  • Establish indigenous domestic service center, help promoting household functions, and solve problems in employment, work and life-adaption.
  • Integrate indigenous community groups and churches, build an information service network, offer services in counseling and referring to urban indigenous people.
  • Promote and develop the household management and life counseling, volunteer service and human resource.