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  1. Considering the employment needs of enterprises and indigenous people’s job aptitude, carrying out aboriginal vocational training courses, as well as to support the talent fostering notion of education and work.
  2. Promote e-learning vocational training network; build an e-learning center of which integrates tradition with digitization.
  3. Upgrade the management of aboriginal enterprises, continue the service of business administration, and strengthen their competitiveness at work place.
  4. Authorize professional business group to be in charge of management, collective marketing and packing, create diverse marking system of aboriginal products.
  5. Advertise aboriginal products via multi-media and internet, actively push Taiwan aboriginal gifts to the market.
  6. Assist aboriginal enterprises in combining with E-Commerce, create diverse marking media of aboriginal products
  7. Expand the teaching work of aboriginal language nest, make aboriginal language education more institutional and apply to daily life.
  8. Enhance the promotion of aboriginal social structure and culture features via digital image.
  9. Hold cultural exchange and exchange visits between city and tribal students, foster the friendship and shorten the gap.
  10. Hold aboriginal academic and cultural exchanges worldwide, increase its global visibility.
  11. Promote academic and cultural exchanges, and exchange visits between the ethnic minority cross-strait, and foster the friendship.