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  1. Preserving and promoting indigenous culture
    (1)Plan and implement competition in the field of arts and physical education
    (2)Promote culture conservation and scholarship among indigenous organizations

    (3)Culture exchange between international indigenous peoples and ethnic minority across tribes in different areas

    (4)Manage and handle issues of Ketagalan Culture Center

  2. Support and develop indigenous education
    (1)Indigenous high school and elementary school enrolment
    (2)Scholarship to indigenous students
    (3)Manage and handle issues of tribal community university

  3. Indigenous language conservation
    (1)Promote tribal languages
    (2)Survey and collect instructors teaching tribal languages
    (3)Other issues related to language promotion

  4. Personnel training in the field of arts, physical education and others
    (1)Training Indigenous Youth and Children Chorus
    (2)Indigenous folk custom and craft, physical education, language, law, economy and trade, science
    (3)Oversea study scholarship to culture and international affairs specialists