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Taipei City with the rapid development of urban construction is the country’s political and economic center which creates and forms all various opportunities and became the driving force of urban and rural population migration. Aboriginal moved to the city from their homes to find development opportunities. However, life and social maladjustment phenomena have emerged under the relatively weak culture and competitive conditions. To this end, dedicated units are established to deal with various issues caused by differences in culture, lifestyle and other differences. And it is necessary.
On May 9, 1995, Taipei City government approved the proposal at the 808th municipal meetings to establish “Aboriginal Affairs Committee” and passed on the 3rd reading at the 11th Extraordinary Meeting for the 7th year on January 19th, 1996. Thus, it was officially established on March 16th in the same year.
After the establishment, “Promoting aboriginal life development implementation plan”, “Taipei aboriginal life coaching points”, and “Taipei aboriginal grant application notes” which are the legal basis of the organization to implement various measures had been promulgated since 1998 in order to implement the maintenance and welfare care of Aboriginal rights. In response to the urgent changes of the social environment and the needs of economic development, “Taipei City aboriginal employment autonomous regulation promotion” was promulgated in 1999 , “autonomous regulations to assist Aboriginal women in Taipei” was promulgated in 2000, “Taipei City aboriginal health and medical autonomy Ordinance” was promulgated in 2005 and “Taipei City aboriginal cultural preservation autonomous regulations” was promulgated in 2009 to assist economic, health and cultural law enforcement and fulfill the seeking of aboriginal welfare by implementing constitutional provisions and Aboriginal Basic Law as the most specific policy.
In response to Aboriginal Basic Law and the regulations of Taipei City Government’s autonomous organization, the organization officially changed its name to the Taipei City Government Indigenous Affairs Committee on December 20th, 2011 after the 3rd reading approval at Taipei City Council on June 21st, 2011, hoping to seek for the greatest welfare for aboriginal tribe and maintain Aboriginal compatriots rights with innovative thinking, efficiency, information technology in administrative efficiency in future outlook on aboriginal administrative matters.