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Indigenous People Commission


NO.TitlePublish Date
1Taipei City “2019 First-Term Indigenous Peoples Holiday Childcare Course” starts!2019-05-16
2namenisarayimo! “The Fifth Taipei City Indigenous Languages Vocabulary Competition” Welcomes Media Interviews2019-04-19
3Ketagalan Culture Center will be closed from now to July 31, 2019.2019-03-22
42019 Year of the Pig Lantern Festival Market Event2019-02-22
5The Permanent Exhibition Area on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Ketagalan Culture Center will be temporarily closed from now until July 31, 2019.2019-01-24
6The year performance of 2018 Academic Year of University of Taipei Indigenous Communities2018-12-22
72018 Second-Term Indigenous Peoples Holiday Child Care Course Presentation: Vusam Forest Carnival2018-11-06
8Indigenous Culinary Talent Trainings to Upgrade the Professional Competitiveness of the Indigenous People in Taipei City2018-10-16
9“Indigenous Gourmet Food Cooking Competition” Provides Free and Delicate Indigenous Food Experience. Come and Get the Food Voucher.2018-09-21
10The Official Websites of the 9th MIHUMISANG (Naluwan Culture Festival) and Indigenous Picnic and Competition Are Online NOW!2018-09-21
11The Tribal Language Animated Movie “My Name Is Yagu’Tanga’” was shortlisted in American Film Festival!2018-08-15
12August 1st Is Indigenous Day. Taipei MRT Tamsui-Xinyi Line Train Painted with Indigenous Arts Starts to Run2018-08-03
13Indigenous Music Festival on July 28 Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day On-site Indigenous Percussion Teaching and Performance Rock Taipei City2018-07-31
14Sincerely welcom to visit the exhibition2018-06-29
15International Pavilion of Indigenous Arts and Cultures Performances, May, 20182018-05-15
16“Taipei City 4th Session of Indigenous Language Word Competition” welcome all people to cooperate with this great event2018-04-26
17Announcement for the Commission of 2018 “Civil Service Examination Training” Service2018-04-24
18The affiliated facilities of the Commission will be closed from April 4 to April 8, 20182018-03-30
19"Holiday nation study--original inhabitants holiday kindergarten photography exhibition x Fun play and experience activity" will be held on March 21th2018-03-23
20The affiliated facilities of the commission will be closed during the Chinese New Year holiday.2018-02-08