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NO.TitlePublish Date
12021 Indigenous Taipei Fabulous Taipei: Culmination of Event with the Music & Dance Concert and the Youth’s Night2021-11-26
2A Dialogue through the Lens of Paintings--PUYUMA Deities & Myths-A Seminar on Guan-nian Chen’s oil painting gallery: A dialogue with people through his paintings2021-11-16
3The 2021 First Semester Capstone Presentation for the Weekend Child Care Program for Indigenous Peoples2021-11-02
4Senior interns, let’s learn from the masters out there!2021-10-20
5Taipei Weekend Child Care Program for Indigenous Peoples-A Family-oriented Visit to Shunyi Museum of Taiwanese Indigenous Peoples 2021-10-07
6National Day Hours of Operation2021-10-07
7Mid-Autumn Festival Hours of Operation2021-09-11
8Inaktu-pasnanavan! Back to School! The 2021 Fall Semester Indigenous Weekend Child Care Program2021-09-11
9Indigenous Peoples’ Day—A Day for Native Taiwanese2021-08-01
10We are conducting website enhancement so web accessibility conforms to level AA. Website settings and services may be affected. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.2021-07-14
11Indigenous Language Learning Non-stop 2021 Taipei City Online Indigenous Language Class Begins!2021-06-17
12Everyone is cordially welcomed to take part in the grand opening of Guan-nian Chen’s oil painting gallery and its follow-up reception on the basement level of the Ketagalan Cultural Hall on May 7, 20212021-05-07
13​Everyone is cordially invited to witness the exciting competition of the 6th Indigenous Vocabulary Contest in Taipei2021-05-04
14Proliferation of Garden City—A widespread campaign promoting essential plants in traditional indigenous culture 2021-04-27
15Taipei’s New Annual Project—Garden City2021-04-27
1620th Anniversary of Taiwan’s Unprecedented Indigenous Customer Service System—Senior Representatives Recognized by Mayor2021-04-16
17Toward a Brighter Indigenous Future— Taipei’s Cooperation Initiative with Indigenous Villages throughout the Country2021-04-09
18Grand Opening of Taipei Indigenous Senior Care Center following CNY with 4 Key Features2021-03-11
19Notice of Holiday Hours of Operation2021-03-11
20228 Peace Memorial Day Special Opening Hours Arrangement2021-02-24
21Stop by the Botanical Display Area at the Indigenous Cultural Center during CNY.Botanical Presentation2021-02-03
22Decade-long Heritage of Indigenous Beauty.The 2021 LOHAS Program for Indigenous Senior Citizens in Taipei—Heritage, LOHAS, Engagement2021-01-29
23Chinese New Year Special Opening Hours2021-01-20