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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Explore the Beauty of Herbs in Traditional Indigenous Culture A Secret Garden in the Flora Expo Park2020-11-27
2Evening Concert Featuring Taipei Indigenous Ensembles will take place on Nov 28, 2020 at 19:00 as one of the serial events of the 11th Naruwan Cultural Festival2020-11-27
3You are cordially invited to take part in the 2020 Capstone Concert!2020-11-17
4Lima Tea Tasting Season—A Promotion Campaign of Industries in Indigenous Villages2020-11-17
5The 11th Naruwan Cultural Festival Field Day: Reunion of Six Indigenous Peoples2020-11-09
6Saturday Cuisine Fair All Booked Up— Two More Guided Botanical Tours Coming Up2020-10-20
7Lima Indigenous Style Banquet Fair. Unfolding the cultural spirit from indigenous cuisine in Taiwan2020-10-19
8Weekend Child Care Program for Indigenous Peoples (Term II of 2020) Kivangavangi! (Let’s Have Fun!)2020-10-12
9The 11th Naruwan Cultural Festival: 6 Tribes Mobilized for a Spectacular Indigenous Cultural Feast2020-09-29
102020 First-Term Indigenous Peoples Holiday Child Care Course Presentation: Mapahainan Graduation!2020-09-16
11Let’s Have Fun at Indigenous Fruit Festival2020-09-15
122020 Indigenous Peoples Holiday Child Care Course Parent-Child Trip to Wulai, New Taipei City2020-09-08
13Episode II Beitou Memories “Extraordinary Native: Harmony between Poetry and Plants” Opening Press Conference2020-08-31
14Mayor Ko Wen-ju is Invited to Traditional Indigenous Ceremony during Visit to Mataian Tribe, Hualien2020-08-25
15“Indigenous Tribes’ Industrial Marketing and Promotion-Lima Indigenous Grains Fun Season” Press Release2020-08-18
16Let’s Have Fun Washing Aiyu Together!2020-07-27
17Upload for Gifts on the Indigenous Peoples’ Day2020-07-27
18Publicity and Promotion of "Taipei City Government Provides Preferential Fee Measures for Use of School-Owned Venues by Various Institutions in Response to the Impact of COVID-19"2020-06-10
19Prologue to the Beitou Nostalgia “Everyone Has Their Own Fantastic Route” Solo Exhibition by Pahawlan Cilan Opening Press Conference2020-05-25
20The commission will reopen the venues and halls (Ketagalan Culture Center and Northern Indigenous Community Center) for rent to external parties.2020-05-14