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1Announcement for the First Indigenous Holiday Preschool Course in 2023!2023-05-05
2The 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival was held in Taipei, and indigenous artworks took the international stage. “The Path of Dialogue with Ancestral Spirits” won the highest honor of the American Design Awards - the Platinum Award2023-04-28
32023 Kongsuan Taipei Episode I: Si'uma–Special Exhibition about Siraya2023-04-28
42023 《Kongsuan Taipei》 Episode 1 – “Si'uma – Special Exhibition about Siraya” with you; Know the People of Siraya 2023-04-13
52023 National Indigenous Games, Taipei to Implement Mainstream Indigenous Tribes with Four Pioneering Highlights2023-03-25
6Rewards for Ethnic Language Proficiency Certification Have Been Raised. Now You Can Win Higher Prizes for High and Advance Levels Applications will be accepted from March 20th, 2023!2023-03-20
7The 8th Taipei City Annual Indigenous Language Word Contest Your participation is welcome2023-03-20
82023 Peace Memorial Day Holiday Closure Notice2023-02-14
92023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei - Yuan Exhibition Area - Works of Indigenous Peoples Huge Bonfire and Beautiful Works of Ancient Creatures Let's Feel the Light of the Indigenous Universe Together2023-01-30
102023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei Indigenous Peoples "Flashing Light" Great Art Light up the Night Sky of Taipei2023-01-30
11The 2022 Second Semester Capstone Presentation for the Weekend Child Care Program for Indigenous Peoples. Everyone is cordially invited2022-12-05
122022 When we join hands together: Episode III Ceremonial Attire – Permanent exhibition featuring indigenous dress2022-11-29