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1The Council of Indigenous Peoples and the Indigenous Language Research and Development Foundation of the central government have entrusted National Taiwan Normal University to host the "2nd Aboriginal Language Proficiency Certification Test for 2022," and registration has already started!2022-09-23
2Opening hours of the venues in the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays are as follows:2022-09-14
3The Second “Weekend Course for Indigenous People’s Toddlers (2022)" Begins!2022-09-14
4All are cordially invited to the 2022 First Semester Capstone Presentation for the Weekend Child Care Program for Indigenous Peoples.2022-08-26
5The 2022 Taipei Expo invites you to the EXPO Dome to see the future of Taipei 8/27-9/112022-08-11
6Our Important, ‘Day of the Indigenous People’ (1st of August)2022-07-20
7The Green Rooftop Farm at Beiyuan Community Center is Officially Open to the Public and Providing Group Guide Services2022-06-27
8"2022 First Holiday Course for Preschool Children of Indigenous Peoples" organized by the Taipei City Government2022-06-17
9Rooftop Farm visited by former Taipei mayor Huang, who offered input on improvements and promised to assist with hardware upgrade2022-05-31
10Opening Hours Arrangement2022-05-27
11Part I of the Ketagalan Culture Center 2022 Anniversary Festival: United as One.The Glory of Crown—An Event of the 20th Anniversary2022-05-24
12Everyone is cordially welcome to witness the 7th Spelling Bee Contest of Indigenous Languages in Taipei2022-05-04
13Rooftop Farm open to citizens with guided tours2022-04-27
14Tomb Sweeping Day / Qingming Festival Opening Information Special Opening Hours2022-04-01
15Additional incentives for certified indigenous language speakers, including non-indigenous ethnicities and indigenous-language-speaking families Applications are accepted beginning April 1, 20222022-03-29
16Promo Video for the 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival in Taipei2022-03-29
17Grand opening of the Indigenous Mart at Songshan Cultural Park Everyone is invited!2022-03-21
18228 Memorial Day Opening Information2022-02-23
19Chinese New Year Special Opening Hours2022-01-25
20The 2021 Second Semester Capstone Presentation for the Weekend Child. Care Program for Indigenous Peoples. Everyone is cordially invited.2021-12-21
21A Joint Presentation by the 2021 Taipei Indigenous Senior Service Center & the Beitou City of Health2021-12-13