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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Prologue to the Beitou Nostalgia “Everyone Has Their Own Fantastic Route” Solo Exhibition by Pahawlan Cilan Opening Press Conference2020-05-25
2The commission will reopen the venues and halls (Ketagalan Culture Center and Northern Indigenous Community Center) for rent to external parties.2020-05-14
3Frontline Public & Healthcare Workers2020-04-29
4The commission will suspend borrowing publicity regarding the venues and halls for rental to external parties2020-03-26
5Annual study course for 2020 will start soon ~ Silver-haired generation learn happily as retirees participate in a new innovative LOHAS model!2020-03-04
6Jointly held by Ketagalan Culture Center and Beitou Museum “Seeing Beitou” Touring Exhibition of Awarded Photography Works from Beitou Kazan and the Collection of Long Chinsan Photography Competition2020-02-20
7Welcome to the “Indigenous Lanterns Section” of the 2020 Taiwan Lantern Festival!2020-02-06
8University of Taipei Indigenous Communities First Semester of 2020 Course Request Announcement2020-01-15
9“No One Has Our Insights” Ketagalan Culture Center Digital Art and Illustration Exhibition2019-12-27
102019 Indigenous Peoples Holiday Child Care Course Presentation.Welcome to Join Us!2019-11-13
11The 10th Naluwan Culture Festival “All Indigenous Arrive~akokay”: Taipei City Athletic Meet of the Indigenous Peoples2019-11-08
12The 10th Naluwan Culture Festival “Indigenous Wave~akokay” Taipei Indigenous Peoples Choir Performs at the Concert2019-10-22
132019 Indigenous Cooking Competition2019-10-18
14The Series Activities of the 10th Naluwan Culture Festival Start!2019-10-09
15The Launch of “2019 Second Session of Holiday Childcare Program for Indigenous People in Taipei City”2019-09-18
162019 Second Session of Holiday Childcare Program for Indigenous People in Taipei City2019-09-12
17Taipei City Indigenous Peoples Economic Symposium Increases Indigenous Industrial Competitiveness2019-08-08
18Indigenous Culture Center Becomes Palace of Beautiful Voices Indigenous Singers Conquer Taipei City with Heavenly Voices2019-07-26
19Indigenous Peoples’ Day Taipei City Preferential Activity Starting on August 1, 2019 Welcomes the Indigenous People to Join Us2019-07-22
20“One Love Taipei” Follow the Indigenous Peoples to Eat, Drink, and Have Fun Indigenous Culture and Characteristic Historic Buildings: The Creative Combination of the Holiday Markets2019-06-28