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Security & Privacy Policy

Indigenous Peoples Commission (hereinafter referred to as IPC) is committed to respecting and protecting your security and privacy when you browse the Web. To help you understand how IPC website protects your security when you use our web services and how DOIT collects, uses and protects the personal information you provide, we set out this privacy policy. Please read carefully our privacy policy below and feel free to contact us through “Contact Us” on our website if you have any comment or question concerning this policy.
Privacy Policy
Scope of application
This privacy policy applies to practices involving the collection, processing, use and protection of personal information when you use services and activities provided on our website. Other websites that our website is linked to might also collect your personal information. Those other websites have their own privacy policies for personal information you voluntarily provide them with. This privacy policy does not apply to the data collection, processing and use by those other websites, and IPC is not held jointly responsible for their related practices.
Purpose of collecting personal information, and types and use of personal information collected
The services currently provided on our website (e.g. News, Online Survey, Contact Us, e-News Subscription, etc.) and new services subsequently offered may ask you to provide your personal information such as your name, ID No., e-mail address and telephone number. If the provision of certain personal information is optional, you have the choice to not provide the asked information. However if the provision of some personal information is required, your refusal to provide the asked information may make it impossible for you to use the service.
IPC will collect, process and use the personal information you provide in accordance with Personal Information Protection Act to make sure your privacy is fully protected.
Region and duration of use of personal information
Our website will use your personal information only within the territory of the Republic of China. Unless it is otherwise announced on our website, the personal information you provide on our website will be retained for a period of 2 years for purposes for which it is collected.
Exercise of rights with regard to personal information
After you have provided your personal information on our website, you may exercise the following rights pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act:
(1) Inquire or request a review of personal information;
(2) Request a copy of personal information;
(3) Request to supplement or correct personal information;
(4) Request to discontinue collection, processing or use of personal information; and
(5) Request to delete personal information.
Please beware that after you ask us to delete your personal information provided for certain service on our website and the deletion of such information makes it impossible for us to continue the provision of the service, you will no longer be able to enjoy the service.
If personal information collected by our website has any of the following situations, we will discontinue the collection, processing or use of such personal information in lieu of deleting it:
(1) The period of retention as provided by law or as agreed in a contract has expired;
(2) There is sufficient reason for us to believe that such deletion will harm the principal’s interests that are worthy of protection; or
(3) There are other justified reasons that counter deletion.
Revision of Privacy Policy
Given the rapid advancement of technology and the potential unforeseeable change of circumstances in the future, it might be necessary for us to revise this privacy policy to ensure the protection of your privacy before applicable laws and regulations are completely in place. In the event of any revision to our privacy policy, we will forthwith post the revision on our website and prompt you to go read it with highlighted reminder.