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How can a middle-or-low-income indigenous family apply for rent allowance? Any restrictions?

Source: Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government
Date: 2010/11/15
1. Qualifications:
1.1 The applicant must be the tenant. The applicant must  be a resident of  Taipei City for at least 4 months. 
1.2 Indigenous people only; however, single parents who raise underage indigenous children are not subject to this restriction. 
1.3 No residential properties inTaipei City, New Taipei City or Keelung City shall be found under the names of applicant; nor shall the applicant have not borrowed public accommodation at the moment of the application.
1.4 The applicant must rent an accommodation legally.
1.5 At least 3 members of the family (including applicant, direct relatives and collateral relatives living in the same place), single family, disabled family, or single seniors aged 65  and over are not subject to the (?) restriction.
1.6 Qualified middle- and -low-income families.
2. Subsidy: A maximum of NT$3,600 per family per month for 30 families or NT$1,200 per family per month for 210 families.
3. How to apply: Please apply from the indigenous service desk at the 12 district offices. Documents required:  one application form, certificate of household residence, photocopy of the rental contract, photocopy of bankbook or post office account book, photocopy of student ID cards of family members aged 16-25, low income family card, report on missing persons, proof of serving a sentence, etc.
1. The subsidy needs to be applied yearly; relevant information will be announced on the Commission’s website prior to the application, and also on the indigenous news dispatch every month.
2. The subsidy aims to reduce the pressure of rent among indigenous people and is strictly non-profit.
3. You can also choose other rent subsidies offered by the Taipei City Government.
4. Relevant information will be offered to taxpayers  regularly for reference.
※Contact 1999 (02-27206001), ext. 2019.