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What are the resources for middle-and-low-income indigenous people when purchasing accommodation?

Source: Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government
Date: 2010/08/20
Before purchasing, you can apply for the “accommodation purchase loan interest subsidy” from the Department of Urban Development, Taipei City Government. You can also apply for the “middle-and-low income family accommodation construction subsidy” after purchasing. Please be aware of:
 1.1 Indigenous people over age 20.
 1.2 Permanent resident and live in Taipei City for 4 months at least.
 1.3 Only the owner of the accommodation or the indigenous spouse can apply for it.
 1.4 The household register of the applicant must share the same address as the private house.
 1.5 At least 2 people in the family.
 1.6 Accommodation under 2 years old, and has never received any relevant subsidy from the government.
 1.7 No any other private accommodation owned by the applicant, spouse, and direct relatives. If one’s value of an accommodation under NT100,000 or has been burn or suffered from natural disasters and unable to live, the applicant is still entitled to apply for the subsidy.
 1.8 Reasons for registration should be building or purchasing; purpose should be noted as residence house, farm house or ant other kind of house that is for self-use only.
 1.9 Qualified middle-and-low income family.
2.Allowance: Maximum NT200,000.
3.How to apply: Please apply from the indigenous service desk in the 12 district offices.
4.Documents required:
 4.1 Certificate of household residence within 3 months.
 4.2 Income tax and property certificate.
 4.3 Proof of household ownership and building registration.
 4.4 Consent form for not receiving any other accommodation allowance from the government.
 4.5 Photo of the accommodation.
 4.6 Receipt and photocopy of bankbook.
 4.7 Application form.
1.The applicant must not sell, give away, or rent the accommodation in 2 years, or the allowance will be asked to return.
2.The allowance will be granted after the repair and evaluation.
※Contact 1999 (02-27206001), ext. 2019.