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Year 2012 E Service for Indigenous Disadvantaged Families

1.Base on the Indigenous Peoples Commission’s Annual Plan of 2012.
2.Aims to take care of disadvantaged indigenous families and reduce their financial pressure, and foster their information education.
3.Be in charged by the Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government.
4.Period: From the day of announcement to Nov. 30th.
 5.1 The applicants must have become the permanent residents and lived in the City for one year at least; be indigenous people and aged over 20; at least two people in the family including direct blood relatives (spouse).
 5.2 Single indigenous family can apply by the legal guardian who is not an indigenous person.
 6.1 Individual families who have not received computer aids from the Commission or any other authority.
 6.2 Low-income family, middle-and-low income families, or the income that each family member share is less that the 80% of city consumption.
 6.3 Refers to the Society Aid Act.
 7.1 Low-income family: Maximum NT15,000.
 7.2 Middle-and-low income families, individual single families, or qualified families: Maximum NT10,000.
8.Procedures and documents required are listed as following:
【Special emergent fund】:
 8.1 The applicant should submit uniform invoice and relevant documents, fill in the application form and apply from the indigenous service desk every district office.
 8.2 Documents required:
  ◆ Household certificate within one month.
  ◆ Uniform invoice.
  ◆ Photocopy of post office or bank account book.
  ◆ Latest income certificates, including spouse, direct blood relative, and so on.
  ◆ Low-income family certificate.
9.Outcome expected:
 ◆ Improve the financial situation of indigenous family and reduce their pressure.
 ◆ Help with the computer equipments and motivate them to learn computer.
 ◆ Promote their use of computer.
10.Budget: From the public lottery.
11.First come, first serve; an announcement will be made when the budget runs out.
12.The project is put into practice when announcing.