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Living Allowance for Taipei City Indigenous Students

1.To help with the problems encountered in life, the Indigenous Peoples Commission has hereby announced the essential points.
2.Target audience:
 2.1 Current indigenous high school students who have lived in Taipei city for 2 years continuously and have household registered in Taipei City.
 2.2 Have not received any other allowance of the same kind. From the government.
 2.3 Low-income families are not entitled.
3.To obtain the living allowance, the applicant will receive an indigenous community duty card and must meet the service hours required.
4.Living allowance:
 4.1 NT 3,000 for senior high school (vocational) students.
 4.2 NT 6,000 for college students.
5.Procedures and documents required: The applicant should have the following papers ready by March 31st and Sept. 30th and then apply from the district office:
 ◆ Application form,
 ◆ Photocopy of student ID card,
 ◆ Household certificate,
 ◆ Bank account book,
 ◆ Others.
6.Examination and procedure of issuing allowance:
 6.1 The organization should make a list of the applicant and his/her family members, and submits to the Commission for further investigation.
 6.2 The district office should exam the student’s indigenous identity and makes a name list (see attachment two), collects the photocopy of applicant’s bank count book and submits to the Commission for allowance.
7.The budget is supported by the Indigenous Peoples Commission.