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Lunch Allowance for Taipei City Public Elementary School Indigenous Students

Revised on May 8th, 2008
1.To take care of the physical and mental health of the indigenous students, the Indigenous Peoples Commission has hereby announced the essential points.
2.Target audience: Current indigenous elementary school students who have household registered in Taipei City.
3.Please apply from the Indigenous Peoples Commission.
4.Prerequisites: Non-low-income families, and suffer from serious accidents or poor, and unable to afford school lunch.
 ◆ Maximum NT500 per person per month, up to 4.5 months.
 ◆ Students who go back to the school or change to any other schools will receive the actual amount of money they pay; temporary suspension students should return the allowance left.
6.Documents required:
 ◆ Application form (see attachment one).
 ◆ Household certificate. Budget: From the public lottery.
 7.1 The school should collect all relevant documents and submit to the Commission.
 7.2 The school should make a list of applicants; prepare receipt and relevant documents to the Commission.
8.The budget of the lunch allowance is paid by the city public lottery.
9.The project is put into practice when announcing.