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Collection & Agency Allowance for Taipei City Public & Private Secondary & Elementary School Indigenous Students

1.The present allowance is based on the Taipei City Indigenous Life Guidance Principles and the Year 2012 annual plans of Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government.
2.Target audience:
 2.1 Current indigenous elementary school students who study in Taipei city and have household registered in Taipei City.
 2.2 Have not received any other allowance of the same kind. From the government.
3.Allowance: Refer to the attachment I.
4.Please apply from the Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government (hereafter call the Commission).
5.Procedures and documents required:
 5.1 The school should make a list of applicants with indigenous identity by March 31st, and submit the list (as attachment II) and an official receipt to the Commission.
 5.2 The allowance will be made to the bank account of the school.
6.Please note that:
 6.1The types of allowance available are all listed in the attachment, schools should apply for the fund from the Commission later.
 6.2 Only the allowance of the current academic semester can be applied.
 6.3 Re-application is acceptable only if the indigenous student is to transfer, resume, or enter a school prior to the deadline.
 6.4 Once the allowance has been approved, the applicant is entitled to it until his/her graduation.
 6.5 The school should provide a 4-sheet receipt once the agency fund has been made to the school.
 6.6 Notes for schools’ fees collection should be based on the Department of Education, Taipei City Government.