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Content: Revised by the Department of General Planning of Taipei City Government Reference Number 09930875300 on November 26th, 2010.
1.To contribute all kinds of allowance to indigenous citizens and help them survive, Taipei City Government agrees on the present reminders in accordance to the Number 5, Article 2 of Taipei City Indigenous Life Guidance Principles.
2.Relevant prerequisites and procedures are as following:
Day care services:
 1.1 Must be indigenous children.
 1.2 Indigenous children or parents (legal representative) who are permanent residents and have actually lived in the city for 2 years continuously.
 1.3 Indigenous children or primary school students who are staying registered public or private day care center, preschool, kindergarten, after-school day care center, or baby-sitter.
 1.4 Conditions: Day care center for children over aged 2; kindergarten for children aged 4 to those prior to the school age; after-school day care center for those at the school age.
 1.5 Applicants must participate in the courses offered by the indigenous language nest, and then the Commission will obtain the proof directly.
 1.6 For children under aged 2 and taken care by baby-sitter, the baby-sitter must lived in the city and be a member of the community baby-sitter system, obtaining training certificate or undergone at least 80 hours of baby-sitter training.
 1.7 Monthly family income must not achieve the 80% of consumption.
 1.8 Total household income includes earnings made by the applicant, spouse of the applicant, direct blood relatives within the same census register.
 1.9 Low-income indigenous children can only choose one from the above allowance and the one offered by the Social Welfare Department, Taipei City Government.
2.Documents required:
 2.1 Application form (Attachment 4-1).
 2.2 Official letter for requesting allowance(Attachment 4-2).
 2.3 Receipt (Attachment 4-3).
 2.4 Applicants who are participating in the courses offered by the indigenous language nest will have the proof of indigenous language nest obtained by the Commission directly; others must show the proof by themselves (Attachment 4-4).
 2.5 Other documents related (e.g, Proof of study or military service, mentally or physically disable handbook, low-income family or unemployed certificate).
3. Allowance standards:
 3.1 Covering day care fees (tuition, enrollment fees), children activity fees, material fees and miscellaneous fees.
 3.2 NT8,000 for professional baby-sitter per person per month; or NT6,000 for registered children day care, private preschool, kindergarten, and after-school day care center per person per month.
 3.3 NT4,500 for year 1 and 2 primary school students staying at after-school day care center per person per month; NT3,500 for year 3 to 6 primary school students staying at after-school day care center per person per month.
 3.4 Free enrollment fees for those staying at public preschool and kindergarten.
 3.5 The allowance of Jan. 31st (of the same semester) can be approved for those staying at public kindergarten until Dec. 31st of the year and have not yet transferred to any other day care center.
 3.6 If the actual charge is less than the allowance standards announced by the Commission, then it shall pay in accordance to the charge.
 3.7 If the day care period is less than one month, then the allowance will be approved in accordance to the number of days (allowance standards ÷30 days × actual number of days).
 3.8 During the transferring period, such as entering primary school or junior high school, the allowance entitled will be approved until July 31st of the year.
4.Please apply from the public day care center itself or district offices for private day care center or baby-sitter. The Commission will verify, allot allowance and the parents and day care center will be notified the results.
 5.1 Once the applicant has been approved in the stage one, he/she shall have all relevant documents ready and submit to the Indigenous Peoples Commission or district offices by October.
 5.2 If an applicant becomes no longer the permanent resident of the city or changes the business item without the permission of the Indigenous Peoples Commission will receive no subsidy.
 5.3 The application forms will be reviewed by the Department of Social Welfare of the Commission once they have been approved by the indigenous service desk of district office.
 5.4 The result will be informed to the applicant via mail, and the allowance will be paid to the bank account of institute or babysitter.
 6.1 If the Commission receives consent of the applicant, then it has the right to investigate the household certificate, total family income, proof from the language nest.
 6.2 If the children stop or change the day care center, they must inform the Commission within 15 days and pay back the allowance left or the qualification will be cancelled.
 6.3 The applicants are required to re-submit the application form within one month if they have changed the day care center.
 6.4 Please fill out the fees charged monthly.
 6.5 Please open an account at the Taipei FuBon Bank.
 6.6 The allowance will be made every half year.
 6.7 Deadline for the application is May 31st and Nov. 30th.
 6.8 The day care center should return the fee of the applicant once receiving the allowance that the Commission made.
 6.9 If the children disappear for any reasons, then the day care center should inform the Commission for stopping the allowance.
 6.10 The applicant must not re-apply for the any other relevant allowance.