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2023 《Kongsuan Taipei》 Part II "Kapa Project - Yukan Yulaw Art Exhibition"

2023 《Kongsuan Taipei》 Part II "Kapa Project - Yukan Yulaw Art Exhibition"

  On July 28, 2023, the Indigenous Peoples Commission of the Taipei City Government presents the 2023 《Kongsuan Taipei》 Part II "Kapa Project-Yukan Yulaw Art Exhibition", which officially launches on the 3rd floor of the Ketagalan Culture Center, with an opening press conference at 11:00 a.m.

  This exhibition is based on the life memories of artist Yukan Yulaw and his family. Yukan, who is from the Wulai Tranan tribe, visited the old tribe of Laga with the youth of his family, and through the oral histories of the elders, on the way to climb the hunting trail, accidentally unearthed the empty bottles and artifacts left behind by their grandparents. Exploring the objects, Yukan imagines the story and path of the migration of the traditional Atayal people.

  The exhibition is entitled "Kapa Project", "Kapa" means "canvas" in the Atayal language. Yukan continues to use blue and white canvas and synthetic textile fibers, utilizing the common and ordinary texture of canvas and giving it a creative and special spatial installation language to make large-scale installations and creations in the Ketagalan Culture Center. At the same time, he uses materials such as video, synthetic fibers, and tabutabu dyeing to lead the audience into the historical space and time of the Atayal, to see the history and life stories of the Atayal ancestors, and also to show the changes and blurring of cultural boundaries throughout the changing times.

  This exhibition invites curator Gao Lizhe, who has been deeply engaged in the Wulai tribe in New Taipei City, conducting field surveys and oral histories, researching the traditional cultural knowledge of the Atayal tribe, and learning the weaving craft and language of the tribe, to collaborate with artist Yukan on the "Kapa Project". Artist Yukan creates a dialogue with the public from the week before the exhibition (July 21st) and on the day of the exhibition (July 28th) in the form of on-site creation. Through "interaction" and "participation", the public can not only "enjoy" the artworks, but also interact and talk with the artist on site, participate in the weaving, and learn about the current cultural situation and views of contemporary indigenous peoples, breaking the stereotypical pattern of the viewers, and establishing a "close relationship". Through "co-creation" and "re-creation," the artist makes the works in the exhibition area full of possibilities and opens up a variety of scenarios and changes in the development of art.

  The Indigenous Peoples Commission of the Taipei City Government welcomes the public to participate in a series of activities designed by the Ketagalan Culture Center during the exhibition period to learn more about the Atayal people, and to see, learn, play, and make friends. The "Kapa Project - Yukan Yulaw Art Exhibition" is open from July 28, 2023 to November 3, 2023 at the Ketagalan Culture Center.

  For more information, please visit the Ketagalan Culture Center's fan page or contact 02-28986500. Ketagalan Culture Center's Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/ketagalan.culture.center/