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Indigenous Peoples Commission to Organize Parent-Child Co-Learning Day Event of “taitamaiti—Have Fun Playing Maori Rugby Outdoors” for Everyone!

“taitamaiti—Have Fun Playing Maori Rugby Outdoors”–2023 Second Parent-Child Co-Learning Day of Indigenous Peoples Holiday Program for Preschoolers

  Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government (hereinafter referred to as Indigenous Peoples Commission) organizes the indigenous peoples holiday program for preschoolers. To enable participating parents and preschoolers to have more diverse interaction and learning opportunities, Indigenous Peoples Commission will host this year’s second parent-child co-learning day event on October 15, 2023 (Sunday) at Minquan Sports Park.

  Indigenous Peoples Commission states that it is hoped that the cognition of preschoolers and parents in the metropolitan area regarding the cultural values of indigenous peoples will be inspired by the parent-child co-learning day. Additionally, they hope to improve parent-child interactions, enabling the seeds of cultures to grow in their houses. The theme of this parent-child co-learning day is “taitamaiti—Have Fun Playing Maori Rugby Outdoors.” “taitamaiti” means “child” in Maori in New Zealand. The event is held to let children who participate in the indigenous peoples holiday program for preschoolers walk outdoors and towards the international stage to learn more about Maori people in New Zealand who are Austronesian-speaking peoples just like indigenous peoples in Taiwan, further enriching children’s cultural vision.

  This year happens to be the Rugby World Cup that is contested every four years. Therefore, Indigenous Peoples Commission has invited the Maori rugby players of Taipei Baboons, a foreign rugby team in Taiwan, to teach parents and children at the event of the parent-child co-learning day. The Maori players from New Zealand will teach parents and children the skills of playing touch rugby in the bilingual setting to improve preschoolers’ eye-hand coordination. More importantly, it is hoped that the beauty of resplendent diverse cultures will be stirred through the exchange. 

  If you have any question, please feel free to check our Facebook page of “Indigenous Peoples Holiday Program for Preschoolers” or to contact Miss Chen at 0965-370-710 for more information.

Information for the event is as follows:

1. Date: October 15, 2023 (Sunday)

2. Time: 2:00PM-4:30PM

3. Location: Minquan Sports Park (At the intersection of Alley 2, Lane 359, Fujin Street and Xinzhong Street of Songshan District, Taipei City)