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2023 《Kongsuan Taipei》 Episode 1 – “Si'uma – Special Exhibition about Siraya” with you; Know the People of Siraya

2023 《Kongsuan Taipei》 Episode 1 – “Si'uma – Special Exhibition about Siraya” with you; 

Know the People of Siraya

  The 《Kongsuan Taipei》 Episode 1 – “Si'uma – Special Exhibition about Siraya” starts on Apr 14 2023 at Ketagalan Culture Center of Indigenous Peoples Commission, Taipei City Government. The opening ceremony press conference is scheduled on the same day. This is the first exhibition featuring the Siraya people in Taiwan ever since an importance verdict was made by the Constitutional Court on Oct 28 2022 to recognize people of Pingpu or their lineal relatives who were registered as “Shou” or “Ping” in the household certificate during the Japanese ruling days as indigenous people. 

  The Commission points out that Taipei City is an international city that features inclusiveness for ethnic and cultural diversities, which is also a part of the city’s cultural capital. For this, “Kongsuan Taipei,” or beautiful Tapei, is selected as this year’s exhibition topic to share with all citizens the rich and colorful culture and arts of indigenous people. 

  “Si'uma – Special Exhibition about Siraya” is selected for the topic of this exhibition which is centered on the Siraya’s costume of “Si'uma” that strings up the history, culture, and costume of running in Siraya. Si'uma is literally running, and visitors are given an opportunity to know more about Siraya through running. 

  Mr. Tuan Hung-Kun from the Siraya Kabuasua Tribe is invited to be the curator of this exhibition where the culture of the people and the tribe is presented in front of the world. Mr. Tuan has been working very hard to bring the life back to Siraya culture and the mother tongue, and he is hoping that more and more of his people will share the heavy burden of displaying cultural diversity. 

  The venue is designed in the concept of the six kuwas, or ancestral hall, of the Kabuasua Tribe. As visitors are walk into the exhibition, it is like they were walking into the tribe and visiting know the people of Siraya, and get to know the Siraya world from “Who is Siraya?” “Si'uma,” to “Mata and Cheng Tian-Yu, the Feifan.” At the educational promotion area, there are interactions of “Know the Siraya Culture” and “Flip a Card” game to help children to learn who the Siraya people are and what their culture looks like. 

  The Indigenous Peoples Commission invites all citizens to visit the exhibition and try out some of the Know the Siraya series activities designed at the Ketagalan Culture Center. All citizens are welcomed to watch the exhibition, learn some knowledge, have some fun and make friends. The “Si'uma – Special Exhibition about Siraya” at Ketagalan Culture Center starts from Apr 14 to Jul 16 2023. For more information, visit the fan page of Ketagalan Culture Center or call 02-28986500. 

Visit the Facebook fan page of Ketagalan Culture Center at https://www.facebook.com/ketagalan.culture.center/