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On the anniversary of his inauguration, Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-An presents a score card with flying color with promotion of innovative policies for indigenous people!

On the anniversary of his inauguration, Taipei Mayor Chiang Wan-An presents a score card with flying color with promotion of innovative policies for indigenous people!

Dr. Chiang Wan-An, mayor of Taipei City, held his inauguration anniversary press conference at the Taipei Dome today. The latest satisfaction survey on Chiang’s administration from the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission, Taipei City Government just came out. The satisfaction with the mayor increased from 39% when he took office to 60% last month and reached 60% to 65% this month, and the citizens are most satisfied with traffic improvement. In order to create a "Sustainable Integration and Hope Capital", the mayor has spared no effort in promoting innovative policies for indigenous peoples to create a new native culture and a new future for the indigenous peoples in Taipei City!

Stepping out of the confinement of the past, Mayor Chiang Wan-An came up with six new policies for the indigenous peoples in culture, education, economy and social welfare in response to the needs of the city's indigenous peoples in all aspects of life:

1.The "Indigenous Peoples Committee of Taipei City Government" was founded to uphold the rights and interests of Taipei City's indigenous peoples and provide policy consultation and planning suggestions.

2.To celebrate the "Indigenous Peoples Day" on Aug 1, the country's first "August 1 Indigenous Peoples Week" series of activities were organized to express gratitude for what the indigenous peoples have done for the country, hoping that all citizens will respect and like the indigenous cultures.

3.In order to promote the "Autonomy Rules of Taipei City on Promoting the Economic Development of Indigenous Peoples", the "Taipei City Indigenous Peoples Employment and Business Startup Consultation Station" was established by recruiting more indigenous people, employment matchmaking, and vocational training, thus providing one-stop service for employment and business startup by indigenous people.

4.The "Taipei City Indigenous Business Support Plan" was launched to support the robust economic development and stable business operations of the city's indigenous cooperatives and indigenous businesses. In 2023, there were several successful examples, including "Tree of Life Energy Workshop" and " "Prosper Media Co., Ltd.", "The Cabin at Maokong" and "Startnest Café and Bar", all of which are businesses run by indigenous people here in Taipei. Thanks to the Plan’s support, all four businesses saw increases in revenues between 15% and 48%.

5.The "Taipei City Government's Indigenous Employment Incentive Program" was developed to encourage indigenous participation in public affairs in Taipei, and facilitate the employment of Indigenous people. Driven by the “Autonomy Rules of Taipei City for Indigenous Employment” and "Taipei City Government's Indigenous Employment Incentive Program", the city hall hired 618 indigenous people as of December 2023, 24 more than 2022.

6.The "Taipei City’s Subsidy Plan for Indigenous Clothing Purchase " was developed and funds prepared for implementation in 2024. It is designed to improve the cultural and ethnic identity of the Indigenous people in Taipei City and promote the traditional clothing culture of the Indigenous people. 

In the future, Mayor Chiang Wan-An will continue to promote indigenous policies, protect the rights of the city's indigenous people, add a diverse look to the city's indigenous culture, make Taipei City proud of them, and continue to go full throttle to create a " Sustainable Integration and Hope Capital".